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When water doesn’t go down the drain like it’s supposed to, major issues can arise. If your drains are working slowly or they’ve stopped working altogether, it’s time to look into drain cleaning and repairs. If you’re in Austin, Texas or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for drain cleaning services near me, check out ABC Austin Service Express LLC. We offer the best drain cleaning services in the area as well as same-day service for some issues. Give us a call at (512) 448-0532 now to get help.

What to Watch Out for With Your Drains

Water should rush down all drains quickly, whether it’s a sink, shower, tub, or the toilet. When the toilet starts to overflow regularly, even if you can get the water to go down by plunging, or the sinks tend to take a long time to drain, it might be a clogging issue with your drains. If this happens in just one drain, it’s likely a clogging issue close to the drains. If it happens in more than one drain, it might be a problem a little further down the line. No matter how serious the issue is, we can get it fixed for you quickly. We offer emergency services 24/7 so you can get the help you need immediately.

Preventing Drain Problems

Most drain issues are caused by clogs that are preventable. The ways to prevent drain issues depend on the type of drain, so check out the tips here to learn more about how to prevent the most common reasons for clogs.

  • Tubs and Showers – The main issue for tubs and showers is clogs from hair. Cleaning out the drain regularly can prevent major clogs. There are also products available to help catch hair before it goes down the drain, helping to prevent most clogs from occurring.
  • Toilets – Toilets generally clog because something was flushed that shouldn’t be. Remember to only flush toilet paper. Most wipes cannot be flushed, even if they say they’re flushable. Paper towels, feminine products, and napkins should all be thrown away instead of flushed down the toilet.
  • Kitchen Sinks – Kitchen sinks generally clog because of what’s poured down them after a meal. Never pour grease down the kitchen drains as this can cause a serious clog. Instead, let it solidify and throw it away. Also, be careful with food scraps that go down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal, because they can end up causing a clog as well.

Traditional Drain Cleaning Methods

Experts still use traditional drain cleaning methods when necessary. Most homeowners are familiar with snaking a drain, which is one of the most common types of traditional drain cleaning methods. Snaking the drain involves using a snake to carefully push through the drain and break apart the clog.

Some homeowners may have tried this on their own in the past, though this is not recommended. Snaking the drain can cause damage to the pipes if it’s not done properly or if the right type of snake is not used. When this type of drain cleaning is needed, our experts can make sure it’s done properly and the clog is cleared completely for you.

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting for Drains

The latest way to clean pipes is with high-pressure hydro jetting. This is done by entering the pipes through a clean-out and shooting a high-pressure stream of water through the pipes. When done properly, it’s incredibly effective without causing damage to the pipes. The pressure is high enough to even break through tree roots that may have grown into the pipes that are buried underground.

While this is often the most effective way to clean out drains, it does need to be done carefully to ensure there is no damage from the high-pressure water stream. Our experts are specially trained in this technique to ensure it will work properly if this is the right method to use for your home.

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If you’re having any drain issues and you’re in the Austin, Texas area, make sure you call ABC Austin Service Express LLC for help today. We’re recognized with the BBB and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you know you can depend on us for reliable drain cleaning services. We’re available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs for commercial and residential customers. Don’t wait to get help for your drains. Visit us online at www.ABCAustinACandHeating.com or call (512) 448-0532 to get the affordable and quick drain cleaning services you need.