Sewer Line Leaks and Repairs? Are You Experiencing Clogged And Leaky Sewer Lines in Austin, Texas

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Sewage should be quickly and easily removed from your home without any issues. If your sewer line is blocked or you’ve noticed sewage leaking into your yard, sewer line repairs might be necessary. We can help get everything cleaned up and working properly so you avoid hazardous issues with your sewer line. At ABC Austin Service Express LLC, we understand these issues need to be fixed fast, so call us at (512) 448-0532 today to get help.

We help both commercial and residential customers and offer emergency 24/7 plumbing repairs so you can get the help you need immediately. We offer a variety of same-day services so you don’t have to wait for help and can help with sewer line and other plumbing-related issues you might have. We’re recognized by the BBB and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable company to help with any plumbing issues, contact us today.

Blocked Sewer Lines

One of the most common sewer line issues homeowners may experience is a blocked sewer line. If a section of the pipe sinks because of the soil conditions near the pipe, it could cause a lower place in the line that can allow waste to collect. This will cause repeated clogs that will need to be fixed. If you’re fixing clogs often, it might be a good idea to speak with one of our experts about this so they can fix or replace the low-lying pipe for you.

Blocked pipes can also be caused by tree roots, grease or waste accumulation, or foreign objects lodging in the pipe. A cable machine may be the first choice for this type of repair as it can usually break through the blockage to enable the sewage to flow freely again. If this doesn’t work, however, one of our experts can discuss the repair options with you to figure out the right one for your situation.

Sewage Leaking from Sewer Lines

The sewer lines should remove all sewage waste from the home. Homeowners may, at some point, smell the sewage in their yard or notice the yard is very wet even though it has not rained recently. If this occurs, it may be because the sewer line is leaking. There are a few different reasons for this.

Older pipes can start to corrode over time. This weakens the pipe and can cause it to crack or even collapse. Once this happens, the sewer line will need to be replaced with a new line. Sewer lines, regardless of age, can crack or collapse if the soil in the area shifts, if the ground freezes, or due to other issues that cause the ground to move enough near the pipe. They can also leak at the joints if anything has been moved or damaged. In any of these instances, we can inspect your pipes to let you know what has happened and what repairs will be required so your sewer line will work properly again.

Repairs and Replacements for Sewer Lines

Today, there are two different ways for experts to reach and repair or replace sewer lines. Conventional sewer line repair or replacement is done by digging up the area around the line. This allows easy access to the issues and is typically done with an excavator. While this may be the only option in some cases, it does require quite a bit of the yard to be dug up so the sewer lines can be reached.

Another option that’s available now is trench-less repair. Instead of digging up the entire area, only the beginning and the end of the pipe that’s damaged will be dug up. Then, the new pipe is pulled through the old pipe, causing it to break apart while the new one is placed. This limits the amount of land that’s dug up, but it does require two large holes in the yard and may not be available for all situations.


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If you’re looking for sewer line repair near me and you’re in Austin, Texas or the surrounding areas, we can help you right away. At ABC Austin Service Express LLC, we want to make sure your plumbing issues are solved as quickly as possible so you no longer have to worry about them. We offer affordable, quick, and reliable plumbing repairs as well as emergency repairs for your sewer line issues. Visit our website at or Call (512) 448-0532 to get help immediately.