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Professional Air Conditioner Repair Services in the Westlake Area
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Air Conditioning Repair, AC Installation, Plumbing, and Heating Repair in the Westlake, Texas Area

Professional Air Conditioner, Heating, Plumbing Repair Services in the Westlake Area: As temperatures skyrocket, Westlake, TX homeowners depend on their air conditioning system to keep them cool throughout the summer. And, at ABC Austin Service Express, we understand that when your air conditioner isn’t working right, you need help fast! That’s why our Emergency A/C Repair Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call or text us at 512-645-2410 for immediate assistance.

In the meantime, here are some common household issues concerning your a/c unit. And, while there are some troubleshooting guides that may help you figure out what’s wrong, having a professional air conditioning repair service is essential to getting your air conditioning issues fixed properly and quickly.

Drainage Issues

Air conditioners need to drain excess condensation that builds up. If it cannot drain properly on the outside unit, it could lead to a higher humidity inside your home or start damaging the internal components of your air conditioner.

Our Nate Certified HVAC technicians will check the drain lines and clear them if there are any obstructions. We use environmentally friendly products to help eliminate algae that could be growing in the drain lines so they won’t build up again quickly. We will also check and repair any parts of the air conditioner that may have been damaged by the excess condensation.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant is what makes your air conditioner work. If it’s not cooling the home properly, it could be due to low refrigerant. You may also notice a leak in some cases. This is not something a homeowner can handle on their own. Call us at 512-645-2410 to have the leak repaired and the refrigerant topped off.

When you contact ABC Austin Service Express for help, we will look through your air conditioner to determine if there’s a leak and, if so, where it’s located. Then, we’ll make the necessary repairs to stop the leak. Once the leak is eliminated, the air conditioner can be filled with the proper amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioner will now run better and more efficiently.

Fan Issues

The unit outside of your home has a large fan that pushes hot air out of the air conditioner. When this fails, the compressor could be damaged because the hot air is no longer being moved away. This could lead to the entire unit failing to work because the compressor stops working altogether. If your fan does not come on or you notice any issues with the fan, contacting a professional is necessary.

Our experienced team of air conditioning service professionals will determine why the fan is no longer working and what needs to be done to repair it. They’ll also make sure any other components that were damaged, such as the compressor, are repaired so the air conditioner works properly.

Emergency Repairs

We have been providing professional heating and air conditioning installation and repair services in the Westlake area for the past 10 years, we understand the extreme temperature changes that happen in the Austin area and the urgency of emergency repairs. ABC Austin Service Express will get your air conditioner working properly again in no time.

New Air Conditioner Installation

What happens if your air conditioner is too old or there are too many issues to be fixed? If your air conditioner isn’t in great shape or it’s old, it might be time to think about installing a new air conditioner. The new air conditioning units are far more energy efficient, so you’ll save a little on your energy bills. Plus, they come with a ten year parts warranty providing you years of worry free living. Don’t forget to ask us about our financing options available to you. We can handle the installation for you so the new air conditioner will be installed and working soon.

The Best 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repairs Near Me

ABC Austin Service Express is proud to announce we now provide emergency plumbing repairs 24 hours a day in WestLake, Tx. Our certified plumbing technicians have over 20 years experience. We repair and replace all things plumbing. Common plumbing repairs involve repairing and replacing hot water heater, clearing clogged drain lines, clogged toilets, repairing broken water lines, sewer lines, broken or cracked water pipes, and replacing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, and toilets.

Nothing is more frustrating to a home owner than having water problems. No worries we have you covered with our 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services. Our operators are ready to take your call night or day if you have plumbing emergency. We will be at your home or work in a timely manner and keep the costs affordable.

Don’t forget to keep us in mind if you are needing plumbing installations for new construction or you own a commercial building. We provide plumbing repair and installation services both residential and commercial facilities.

More About Westlake

Located Southwest of Austin, the Westlake community was incorporated in 1956 and was recently named the most affluent community in the country by Forbes Magazine. And, as Westlake residents are aware, this is a great place to call home.

The Westlake or West Lake Hills community is one of the best places to call home in the Austin area. Featuring an excellent mix of residential communities, commercial areas and medical facilities, it is also home to the Eanes Independent School District, which includes schools that have been named as U.S. Blue Ribbon Schools.

Westlake Texas Resources:

For more information about Westlake area businesses, we recommend visiting the Westlake Chamber of Commerce website at If you’re in the area, you can visit them at 101 Westlake Drive, Austin, TX 78646.

And if you’re looking for something active to do in the area, the Westlake Athletic and Community Center is a great choice. They’re located at 4300 Westbank Dr. West Lake Hills, TX 78746

The local hospital, The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center, offers excellent medical care and state of the art facilities at 5656 Bee Caves Rd, West Lake Hills, TX 78746.